Sir Bager 18 Kemper Profiles

A fantastic recreation of the Suhr Badger 18 – this is an absolute stunner of an amp! The Sir Bager 18 offers a flavourful British sound rich in tone and feel . Featuring 14 Direct , 2 Merged and 44 Studio profiles this pack is perfect for clean, crunch and rock and anything in between . Pre-made FX profiles are featured also – so consider this one of the most diverse collection of profile sounds available .

Cabs include – Marshall, Framus, Orange and Mesa Boogie, David Laboga and Zilla Cabs with varied speaker configurations. Boosts include ; EHX LPB-1, Boss SD-1 , Suhr Riot, Mesa Flux OD, Boss Blues Driver, Klon Centuar and a Seymour Duncan 805.


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