Soldano Super Lead OD SLO100 Kemper Profiles

The original and unanimously considered BEST OF ALL time amplifier is finally here in the ReampZone store. The mighty Soldano Super Lead Overdrive 100 is a fantastic high gain amplifier that offers unique characteristics , blistering gain and flavourful tone that is a must buy for any Kemper owner.

This pack is under active development and currently features 52 STUDIO profiles and 8 DIRECT profiles with free updates coming very shortly. Cabinets currently feature our Mesa Boogie, Orange and Marshall 4×12’s with industry standard SM57/MD421 combinations. I’ve also included various boosts from Graviton Boost , Maxon 808, Keeley modded SD-1 , Fortin Grind and a Fortin 33 for additional options but I will be adding a lot more options very shortly.

How does it sound?

This is an ORIGINAL Soldano SLO100, not a clone or a reissue but an ORIGINAL with the original transformer and must have depth mod. Go buy it! Thank you.


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