Mega Boost Kemper Profiles

Our new mega boosted Kemper profile pack is available for your hard rocking needs. This is a universal collection of profiles including 13 DIRECT, 13 MERGED and 13 STUDIO captured via our Friedman Brown Eye Deluxe 100 Modded amplifier. We have included various cabs including; Mesa Boogie, Marshall, Orange, Bogner and some signature blends. This is a VARIED GAIN collection of profiles and our settings are universal so when using a merged profile it’ll have the exact same settings as the accompanied DIRECT or STUDIO profile – perfect for live , studio and home use.

Pedals featured are; Boss Blues Driver, Boss SD1 , Fender Yngwie Malmsteen OD, Fortin 33, Fortin Grind, Graviton Boost, Klon Centaur, Linear Power Boost, Maxon 808, Mesa Boogie Flux OD, MXR Custom Badass OD, Savage Overdrive and a Wylde Overdrive.

Savage Drive Boost

Fortin 33 Boost

These profiles have various gain stages and sounds that react differently depending on the guitar, DON’T BE AFRAID TO TWEAK TO YOUR LIKING! Settings used are included and tagged appropriately via the Rig-Manager. There are no non boosted profiles here! Each pedal has been used to the maximum to colour the sound accordingly so if you’re a fan of boosted profiles then this is the pack for you! Enjoy \m/

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