Bogner Uberschall Twin Jet Kemper Profiles

An exceptionally unique amp in the sense that it produces a ton of prominent mids that can be dialed-in many different ways. Not to be confused with it’s brother – the single channel Uberschall , the Twin Jet offers two high gain mid mad tones perfect for the modern rock enthusiast and hardcore metal-head. Whilst it’s not known for its cleans it does it convincingly plus lovely crunchy rock tones, but once you turn up the gain and dial the mids you can see its literally wanting to be played hard – loud and fast. For further djentifaction (yes, I made that up!) I’ve added a few super tight Fortin 33 profiles on-top.

This pack includes 18 DIRECT and 63 studio profiles plus 8 FX studio profiles and currently features a Mesa Boogie , Bogner , David Laboga, Zilla Cabs, Orange and our signature MAGICAB blend with various microphone configurations  plus selective boosts with a Fortin 33, Klon Centaur, Boss Blues Driver, Mesa Flux OD and our custom MentaL OD Pedal.

It’s simple – if you’re wanting a pack that can produce a balanced low-end to a deep THUD with uniquely voiced mids , tamed highs with a ton of gain then this is it. I’ll say no more…