Dumble ODS: 50W HRM Kemper Profiles

The Dumble ODS HRM (Overdrive special / Hot Rubber Monkey) is a boutique high quality clone of the legendary head. Retailing at a whopping $70,000 the original is the most expensive amp in the world with no close second in sight. This clone is of the highest quality from the C/F resisters , capacitors and even a custom wound InMadOut transformer wound to 60s Fender specifications. It has two channels with switchable voicing from Rock to Jazz and a deep/mid-boost.

Pack includes 30 DIRECT, 18 MERGED and 113 STUDIO profiles ready to be played. Cabs and mics used: Mesa Boogie, Marshall, Hesu, David Laboga and Bogner with a tradional SM57, PR20 , E609 and a R121 clone in variations configurations and gain stages. (PS: included a few additional Klon Centaur boosted profiles DIRECT and STUDIO).

Extensive time went into this pack so you have a combination of fat, thin, dirty, crunchy, overdriven and clean tones ready for your KPA…. It doesn’t get much better than this. A high quality clone as close to playing a real Dumble that even in a blind test would make you think “WOW!”.