Freedman BE-100 DELUXE MOD Kemper Profiles

Replicating the sound of the amazing Friedman BE-100 – here we have a one of a kind special edition of the BE-100 that has been modded to match the Deluxe edition by Freedman UK. Above the norm includes switchable 50/100w mode , 3-way gain structure , depth, response and much more! You won’t find another pack like this anywhere, it’s 100% exclusive to ReampZone! All styles have been covered here, all of them! Classic rock, modern, metal, classical including cleans, crunchs , leads – basically … EVERYTHING!

This pack has contains 20 DIRECT (with settings chart) and 54 STUDIO. Captured using various cabs and settings you will be 100% satisfied. Each profile has been tested and captured using different guitars and pickup combinations to cover all styles , all of them – as many as I can think! The profiles are 100% responsive and interact with the Kemper EQ wonderfully , shape to your delight further .

Cabs include: Bogner, David Laboga, Mesa Boogie, Orange , Zilla Cabs and a special ‘MAGICAB‘ which is our unique cab profiling method. Pedals used: Maxon OD808, Fortin 33, Fortin Grind, Boss SD-1 , Boss Blues Driver, Klon Centaur , Seymour Duncan 805 OD and more around the corner. Microphones are SM57/MD421 blending for fatness and dynamics – with that said – let’s hear it!

That’s just a small sample – much more to come! go buy it and enjoy. Thank you <3