Fortin Sigil Kemper Profiles

The Fortin Sigil is a super high gain 20w metal amplifier from Mike Fortin. Featuring two channels and a ton of gain this amp is purely metal and offers that great ‘Fortin’ sound that he has become well known for. I’ve kept this pack simple, metal and only metal. If you’re wanting FAT high gain metal tones and nothing else, then this is the pack for you!

This pack features:  10 DIRECT and 15 STUDIO profiles. Cabs include Mesa Boogie and Bogner 4×12‘s with industry standard MD421/SM57 combinations. Everything has been captured in high wattage mode (20w) and that said, how does it sound?

Fat and huge tones, ready for your KPA, why wait? buy today!  *UPDATES COMING SHORTLY*