PRS Archon 100 Kemper Profiles

A true 100w beast of an amp. The PRS Archon 100 is a high gain no-nonsense juggernaut that does one thing and one thing only and that’s pure tonal aggression.. With uniquely voiced mids , tons of saturation and a tightness that can only be matched with a tube screamer this pack is a work-in-progress but certainly packs a punch. Currently featuring 9 DIRECT and 50 STUDIO profiles our PRS Archon 100 Kemper Profiles pack is a sure MUST-BUY for any hard rocking metal head.

The clean channel is lovely, it does what you expect but the lead channel, WOW ! that’s where it’s at! If you’re looking for a modern killer tone then this is it! We profiled this beast with a Mesa Boogie 4×12 , Zilla Fat Boy , Orange PPC412 – SM57/MD421 combo plus included two boosts from Mike Fortin (Fortin 33 and Fortin Grind) plus our Maxon 808 and Keeley 808.




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