Peavey Classic 30 Kemper Profiles

A small limited run of heads exist for the Peavey Classic 30 before being transformed into the current combo version that is on sale today. This is the original that was put on sale and you can consider it the best. A two channel amplifier which covers crystal cleans to a dirty crunch  often reminiscent of a vintage amplifier. Whilst packing 30 watts Peavey included three 12AX7 and four EL84 tubes into this head giving you a lot of tone under the hood, some may call this excessive but I think it serves its purpose.

Pack currently featured 14 DIRECT profiles and 24 STUDIO profiles including various boosts from third party pedals including: Klon Centaur, Duncan 805, Boss Blues Driver, Mesa Boogie Flux Overdrive and a Suhr Riot. This pack also features two testing profiles (S23 / 24) which blend two cabs (Zilla/Marshall).

More updates coming soon!