Orange TH30 (Modded) Kemper Profiles

Sometimes an amp will need a helping hand and for this Orange it had so much potential to be even better (I was so impressed with it I wanted to push it even further!) and thus what resulted is our special modded Orange TH30. This bad-boy has an upgraded American transformer (think Mesa) with brand new tubes and a high gain mod to help reduce the fizz, push the tubes and get this boy rocking in the most unique way possible. You won’t find this amp nor bundle anywhere else other than ReampZone. This pack has 23 profiles direct with various configurations and gain stages and 35 merged profiles and 30 studio profiles with our custom David Laboga cab and Mesa Boogie 4×12. If you want crunch, rock, hard rock, metal or even something in-between this is your new go-to Orange. We have boosted some profiles with our Keeley TS808 , Boss HM-3 (DIRECT Only) and our Wylde Overdrive pedal.

Merged Equipment Used

  • CAB: Mesa Boogie Rectifier 4×12 w/ v30’s
  • CAB: Custom David Laboga 2×12 w/ K100 + V12’s
  • MIC: Shure SM57 / Heil PR20 and a Sennheiser E609