Orange AD140 Kemper Profiles

One of the more rarer Orange heads to find in this day and age the British made Orange AD140 offers users a variety of tonal options over two differently voiced channels . Channel one offers a more bass heavy and smooth tone perfect for cleans whilst the second is tighter and pushes more mids. We have put together a collection of 14 DIRECT and 63 STUDIO profiles for your enjoyment. Profiled at various EQ and gain stages this pack covers cleans, crunch, blues rock and anything in between.  Boosts include – Fortin 33, Klon Centaur, Suhr Riot , Boss SD1  , Boss Blues Driver , Mesa Boogie Flux OD and a MXR Wylde OD. If you’re wanting a crunchy pop rock tone then this is the REAL DEAL! a rare head and 140 watts of tone!

Cabs used: Mesa Boogie, Bogner, Orange, David Laboga and Zilla Cabs.

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