Metal! Inspiration Kemper Pack

If you’re wanting to sound like your favourite metal artists then our Metal! Inspiration pack is surely the pack for you. By using our special tone match method with real amps we can create a very close replica of your most desired tones such as Dino Cazares of Fear Factory which helps expand your jamming and inspire new riffs for your music.

The profiles react and play exactly like a real amp, our method is very close to the original sourced tone because we push our amps to maximum tube power creating the “HUGE” amp feel. Each setup varies so no two guitars will sound the same so tweaking the profiles is recommended and encouraged! you can create a whole new life by simply adjusting the amps compression and definition, experiment – inspire and create! We also have a freebie version available here too!

This Pack Includes: 17 STUDIO profiles and 17 CAB PRESETS – but how does it sound? (Fishman pickups)

Artists / Bands featured: (PDF Info Sheet)

  • Brian Eschbach / The Black Dahlia Murder
  • Chuck Schuldiner / Death
  • Dino Cazares / Fear Factory
  • Fredrik Thordendal / Meshuggah
  • Gary Holt / Exodus
  • Kerry King / Slayer
  • James Hetfield / Metallica (x2)
  • Jeff Loomis / Nevermore
  • Joe Duplantier / Gojira
  • John Petrucci / Dream Theater
  • Mark Tremonti / Alter Bridge
  • Matt Heafy / Trivium
  • Phil Sgrosso / As I Lay Dying
  • Richard Kruspe / Rammstein
  • Robb Flynn / Machine Head
  • Zakk Wylde / Black Label Society