Marshall Valvestate 8100 Kemper Profiles

The best sounding Marshall solid state amp available is the Valvestate 8100 . Made famous by Chuck Schuldiner of Death in the 90s this amp is a high gain monster. This pack currently featured 13 DIRECT profiles all charted and 40 STUDIO profiles ready for playing. This isn’t for wimps, high gain only!

Cabs include Mesa Boogie OS 4×12 / Orange PPC 4×12 and a Marshall  1960 4×12 with boosts from Wylde OD, Fortin 33 and the great Maxon 808 and our industry standard MD421/SM57 combo. Three NASTY HORRIBLE profiles from a Japanese HM2 are now included within the pack by request. If you’re looking for that SPECIAL death metal tone and modern variants then this pack is for you! Your fingers will bleed!