Marshall JMP Super Lead (1976) – Kemper Profiles

If you’re looking for a ‘special’ Marshall JMP (Built in 1976) tone then look no further than what we have captured here. This is one of the “GOOD” ones. As original as original can be with an inclusion of an circuit mod from the late 70s has been kept, why? Because it has that ‘special something‘.

This pack is currently under updates for 2020 revisions with specific guitars and has 20 STUDIO Stratocaster profiles, 14 STUDIO Les Paul profiles and 10 STUDIO PRS profiles and 31 DIRECT profiles ready for playing. We have captured the current 2020 profiles using our wonderful Marshall 1960A and will be adding an additional vintage Marshall cab from the 70s (and original 70s speakers) very shortly. Not to be outdone by the mod itself we have two boosts featured from a Linear Power booster and the Boss SD1.

Les Paul profiles.

Stratocaster profiles.

PRS profiles.

Video demo by Nico.

This bundle also includes our old 2018 profiles (31 in total) with David Laboga and Zilla cabs and various boosts for something ‘different’.