Laney IronHeart 120H Kemper Profiles

The most aggressive Laney amplifier to date, the wonderful Laney IronHeart 120H Kemper profiles are surely going to make your fingers hurt! A thoroughly modern sounding amp, high gain, lots of smooth compression and packed full of features this 120 watt beast can be yours to play now. This pack now features 19 DIRECT and 42  STUDIO profiles . This amp offers a lot of tone shaping options , dynamic response and plentiful gain on tap and not to be outdone by the amp itself we have included various boosts from our Savage Drive, Fortin Grind, Maxon 808 and Keeley 808.

This pack is backed by our Custom Blends, Mesa Boogie and Orange 4×12 cabs and MD421/SM57 industry standard microphone combination and are considered “MIX READY” for your studio and session work. But how does it sound?

Lots of gain, lots of mid options and more , what are you waiting for? Grab this pack!