KSR Juno (Rhodes) Kemper Profiles

If you like amps with lots of voicing then this is the one for you! three channels each offering three modes plus six different feels and even a bright switch has been included and not to be outdone by options there is also a top and bottom control makes this KSR Juno a god-tier rock amplifier that can easily be boosted to cover harder genres. This pack currently features 76 DIRECT and 40 STUDIO profiles and updates are coming soon.

Cabs currently feature our Vintage 1970s Marshall 4×12 with G12-65 (1979) speakers and a mighty Orange PPC412 with V30s. Boosts featured include Klon Centaur , Maxon 808 and Keeley 808 and our industry standard MD421/SM57 combination.

Strat Profiles Demo:

Active Humbucker Profiles Demo:

Direct Profiles Demo:

If you want hand made top tier quality amplified tones then this is the pack for you – ENJOY!