Hughes and Kettner Trilogy Kemper Profiles

This pack contains 51 profiles for your Kemper. Each channel has been profiled with a Mesa Boogie Standard 4×12 , Blackstar Artisan 2×12 and a Hesu Seventy 80 with the tried and tested SM57 to give a quality tone so you’re guaranteed to find one you’ll love.

  • – 8 Clean Channel Profiles (Includes; Premade effect profile)
  • – 10 Crunch Channel Profiles (Includes; TS808 boosted profiles)
  • – 11 Lead Channel Profiles (Includes; TS808 boosted profiles)
  • – 13 Ultra Channel Profiles (Includes; TS808 boosted profiles)
  • – 9 Merged Profiles (Clean, Crunch, Lead and Ultra)

The Trilogy is a versatile amp that has real crisp and bright cleans and an old/new school rock and blues tone plus with our TS808 boosted profiles you can rock with a edge! from high gain to mid friendly profiles, our pack will keep you happy for years to come. These profiles will have a 60s feel to them straight away. No EQ just raw profiles ready for you to have fun. Undecided? here are five free profiles.

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