Hotone Mojo Diamond Kemper Profiles

Inspired by the legendary Fender Tweed the Mojo Diamond is one heck of a tiny amp. With a total of 5 watts of pint sized power this tiny little head has body, soul and most of all a sweet sound. Offering you that sweet clean tone or gainy tweed tone this pack is going to blow your socks off, especially considering it only weighs in at a grand total of 440 grams.

Currently featuring 17 DIRECT only profiles including boosts with a Klon Centaur, Suhr Riot and a Seymour Duncan 805 this collection of miniature profiles will leave you salivating at the mouth oh and every setting has been charted! Check out a small sound sample of the profiles in action played by our favourite German musician Nico Schliemann.

Studio profiles are coming in the near future!




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