Fuchs Blackjack 21 MKII Kemper Profiles

Based around the famed Dumble amplifiers the Fuchs Blackjack MKII is a simplistic user friendly amp with a vintage and familiar sound. Two channels – Clean and Overdrive giving you a much flavourful tone. Whilst the clean channel says “clean” its actually more of an overdrive whilst the actual overdrive channel can be considered a ‘hot-rodded’ so you won’t find many cleans here. Classed as an ‘organic’ sound this will fit well in any rock players collection especially if you’re wanting rhythms or leads with more bite and body. It’s snappy, clear and overall a solid tube powered head that any Fuchs/Dumble fan will appreciate. This a crunch over-driven hot-rodded pack made and worked around for single coil pickups but will work on any guitar but we recommended high quality pickups whether its active, passive, single coil or humbucker. Each profile is 100% sourced via the head only with no external boosts or pedals.

This pack includes 6 Direct , 14 Merged and 114 Studio profiles using our Bogner, David Laboga, Framus, Hesu, Marshall, Mesa Boogie and Zilla Cabs with a Sennheiser MD421Shure SM57 and Tul G12 microphone.