Freedman JJ100 Kemper Profiles

Our wonderful Freedman (Sounds like Friedman) Jerry Cantrell Double J signature Kemper profile pack is finally in store at ReampZone! This pack features 13 DIRECT and 77 STUDIO profiles a lot of tonal options. This is a wonderful high gain pack and offers that flavorsome Friedman and Alice in Chains sound plus much more. Cleans, low , mid and high gain profiles are captured plus boosts from Boss SD1, Fortin 33, Fortin Grind, Keeley TS808, Maxon 808 and a Gravitor Boost. Don’t let the metal pedal boosts fool you, this is a dynamic pack and if you’ve heard the JJ then trust me, we have captured the soul of the amp very well!

Cabs include: Bogner, David Laboga, Framus, Marshall, Mesa Boogie, Zilla Cabs , Orange and our signature Magic Cab blend captured with industry standard SM57/MD421 combination.

How does it sound?

Tons of wonderful AC30 based cleans, blistering gainy rhythms as designed by David Friedman and Jerry himself and more in this pack and it can truly do it all – so go grab it!