Djent Kemper Profile Pack

Needing to get a more tailored tone for your mixes? look no further than our wonderful Djent Kemper profile pack! featuring 10 DIRECT, 10 MERGED and 20 UBER STUDIO profiles this collection of profiles will be some of the best money can buy. These profiles have been captured with PUSHED mids to help get your tone to cut-through the mix , perfect for single note articulation and dynamics and every profile has been boosted with a FORTIN 33 / Maxon 808 to cut even further and offer additional tightness.

10 AMPS Featured include: Mesa Boogie REV F, EVH 5150 MKIII 100, Friedman BE Deluxe 100 , Blackstar HT Metal 100, Friedman Butterslax, Friedman JJ 100, PRS Archon 100, Diezel VH4 , Marshall JVM410H and a wonderful KSR Juno.  Cabs include Mesa Boogie, Marshall, Bogner and Orange including some varied blends for more tonal options with industry standard MD421/SM57 mics.

How does it sound?

Sounding good? Great! Go grab the pack and make your fingers bleed!

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