Diezel Einstein 100 Kemper Profiles

In my opinion this is the single best Diezel amplifier. Often overlooked to the VH4 this Diezel Einstein 100 amplifier is an amazing offering for rock and metal players. It has two channels, three modes each and its got plentyful gain on tap. It’s responsive and takes pedals wonderfully and this is a MUST-HAVE purchase for any tone purist.

This pack features 26 DIRECT , 65 STUDIO and 7 MERGED profiles with boosts Fortin 33, Gravitor, MentaL OD, Wylde OD, Boss SD1, Keeley 808, Maxon 808 , Boss MT2 and a Savage Drive. Cabs include Mesa Boogie, Marshall and a signature blend of our creation. Mics are industry standard MD421/SM57 combinations. How does it sound?

(Ibanez with Dimarzio Breeds)

(Les Paul with Burst Bucker Pro )

(Ibanez with Fishman Modern )

This is a wonderful amp and it WILL surprise you. Go grab it!

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