Diamond Spec Op Kemper Profiles

The Diamond Spec Op is a highly versatile 100 watt head that packs a punch. We have put together a collection of 45 profiles (16 direct, 25 studio and 4 merged) ready to be played. Profiled at various gain stages this pack is perfect for the hard rocking / blues enthusiast looking for a loose bottom amplifier.

Cabs used: Mesa Boogie 4×12 / Bogner 4×12 and a Hesu 1×12 plus various microphones.

We have included FX ready profiles for the cleans and lead so you’re 100% ready to plug and play with this pack. Looking for that bright clean sound or that vintage smooth rich lead tone then this is a must-buy pack. PS, fun fact – this amp was previously owned by Keri Kelly of Alice Cooper.

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