Blackstar HT Metal 100 Kemper Profiles

Finally now available for the Kemper community the amazing Blackstar HT Metal 100 amplifier! This amp is high gain and high gain only! Sure it has a clean channel and it does sound lovely but the magic happens within the overdrive channels! OD1 and OD2 offer varied voicing and sculpting options with Blackstars patented ISF tone shaping option. This amp offers a unique approach to mids and certainly packs a punch!

This pack currently features ; 13 DIRECT and 25 STUDIO profiles with our Mesa Boogie 4×12 and Orange 4×12 cabs with industry standard MD421/SM57 combinations and boosts from Fortin 33 and Maxon 808 pedals. Look no further than ReampZone for your Blackstar tone needs, this right here is metal , pure and simple.

How does it sound?

*also included* Our special TONE MATCHED Killswitch Engage profile, how does it sound?!?!


Updates are coming very shortly! Like it? Love it?! GOOD! Go grab the pack and make those fingers BLEEEEEED! \m/