Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier Kemper Profiles

Arguably the best amp money can buy, the Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier is a 50 watt head famed for its American styled tone and versatility. Offering two channels and 5 modes this head is the go to amp for rockers and metal heads alike. This DIRECT only pack is at an introductory offer of $10 and will receive free updates (including MERGED and STUDIO profiles) so be sure to buy before the price hike!

We have 21 direct profiles ready to be loaded onto your Kemper, we profiled all the channels and all the modes. You got the clean, pushed, raw, vintage and the most famous MODERN tones right at your disposal oh and did I forget to mention this includes the Tube Screamer boosted profiles too using our Keeley Modded TS808! That’s right, 100% Mesa tone heaven. A handy settings chart has been included. What are you waiting for? Buy today!

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