Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier Kemper Profiles

Arguably the best amp money can buy, the Mesa Boogie Single Rectifier is a 50 watt head famed for its American styled tone and versatility. Known by metal heads across the word this amp offers two channels and 5 modes. We have 21 direct and 53 studio profiles ready to be loaded onto your Kemper, we profiled both channels. For the direct live players you got the clean, pushed, raw, vintage and the most famous sought after tones right at your disposal. Studio players can rest assured that they are getting the highest quality tone as well. Boosted profiles are included for 100% guaranteed tightness and articulation.  Note; additional updates are scheduled including more studio profiles and merged.

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Studio Equiptment:
Cab 1: Mesa Boogie 4×12 Cabinet with V30’s
Cab 2: Custom David Laboga 2×12 with G12K-100 + V12.
Microphones: SM57 and Heil PR20.