Marshall JCM 900 MKIII 2100 Kemper Profiles

The best JCM 900 you can buy – the Marshall JCM 900 MKIII 2100 is the ┬ádefinitive tone of the 90s. The high gain no-nonsense amp is one of several varations of the JCM 900 and considered by many as the best.We have put together a collection of 25 DIRECT only profiles with various configurations, gain stages and pedals (plus non boosted 100% raw tone) for your Kemper.

Cleans? Done – Crunch? Done – High Gain – Done — we done it all. Pedals used: MXR Wylde OD, Keely TS808 and a Suhr Riot Clone. A settings chart is also included.

This is an ongoing pack and studio/merged profiles are coming soon. (all updates are free).

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