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Prototype “JAMES” – unique hand made boutique amp profiles. ENJOY

December 5, 2017|

This head was hand made by my friend over at Tube Distinctions​ . Anthony (proprietor of TD) is a legitimate Welsh Wizard. He is highly regarded and is used by some big top names whom you wouldn’t believe if I told you. Anthony was gracious enough to let me borrow one of his old prototype heads for profiling. So , about this Amp … it can be considered to sound similar to an over driven Marshall JMP PA20 except its pint sized at a staggering 1.8 watts. Spec; Single ended 2 stage circuit, using pentode driver stage in a “unique way” to allow it to be directly coupled to a pentode output stage, solid state rectification. Controls; over-all volume control, pre-control, with aditional controls that alter feedback, and tone. Tubes; MullardCV2975 and an EF86. Download: HERE Rig Exchange: RZ_ProtoJames Current total profiles made: 8 Remember, this is an early prototype head profiled with my setup…    read more 

Introducing Kemper One-Of-A-Kind profiles (Kemper OOAK)

July 5, 2017|

I’m happy to announce the inclusion of a new unique method to Kemper profiling that I’ve dubbed ‘Kemper OOAK‘. These one-of-a-kind are 100% exclusive to the first buyer meaning that they won’t be featured in any pack and can be rightfully claimed as your own. Once the profile has been purchased it’s gone forever never to be sold again. Whilst it’s sold as a ‘single’ profile I’ve included them in all three Kemper formats – direct , merged and studio so you have total control over your OOAK tone. One of the advantages over these kind of profiles are the rights to do as you please with it , meaning you can share or keep it … it’s yours! There are no predetermined dates as to when new ones arrive so bookmark the page and check periodically! To view the current selection of OOAK profiles available click here.  

MentaL OD – Our custom Overdrive / Screamer pedal (Free profiles inside).

June 7, 2017|

A while ago I commissioned a custom made overdrive/screamer to my specifics. I was wanting a bit more control over the entire tone coming through and what transpired is a rather big and unique pedal that offers a lot of tonal options. Created for myself by Deiode the MentaL OD will be featured in the ReampZone packs where it feels appropriate. It can turn turn even the most modest of tones into a high gain juggernaut. You’ll find a quick sound sample below made with my Engl Savage / Orange cab with an SM57 – first part is with the OD off and second is with it on and then dual panned.. Whilst this is just one aspect of the sounds that can be achieved. Want to try it yourself with your Kemper? Click here and download now! T01 is unboosted and T02 is with the MentaL OD enabled. Thanks Dan #Update (Full…    read more 

Keeping you safe – we have switched to a secure connection.

March 15, 2017|

ReampZone is expanding rapidly and to keep customer data safe and secure we have migrated to a secure connection. What this means is the old traditional URL of http://reamp… now goes to https://reamp and you’ll notice in the top left of the address  bar a fantastic secure lock showing all data to and from yourself -> ReampZone is now secure. Shop with confidence, use ReampZone. Thanks – Dan

Dumble ODS 50 HRM Kemper Profiles – a must have pack!

January 13, 2017|

Dumble is a name synonymous with boutique guitar amplifiers because of its crazy price and tone but I was fortunate enough to borrow a high quality clone a few weeks prior and did some extensive profiling of it. Whilst it’s not metal nor does it djent what it does is give you that crisp clean and over-driven sound that people pay upwards of $70,000 for. Call me crazy but I wouldn’t pay that amount for an amp simply because I can barely afford to buy a proper pair of shoes but a high quality clone with as close to a 1:1 replica as possible is a much cheaper and more approachable alternative. Below features a few videos of our pack in action: You can hear the scope that can be achieved witht his pack and to put it simply … this is a fantastic head and a must have pack…    read more 



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