Prototype “JAMES” – unique hand made boutique amp profiles. ENJOY

December 5, 2017| ReampZone

This head was hand made by my friend over at Tube Distinctions​ . Anthony (proprietor of TD) is a legitimate Welsh Wizard. He is highly regarded and is used by some big top names whom you wouldn’t believe if I told you. Anthony was gracious enough to let me borrow one of his old prototype heads for profiling. So , about this Amp … it can be considered to sound similar to an over driven Marshall JMP PA20 except its pint sized at a staggering 1.8 watts.

Spec; Single ended 2 stage circuit, using pentode driver stage in a “unique way” to allow it to be directly coupled to a pentode output stage, solid state rectification.
Controls; over-all volume control, pre-control, with aditional controls that alter feedback, and tone.
Tubes; MullardCV2975 and an EF86.

Download: HERE
Rig Exchange: RZ_ProtoJames
Current total profiles made: 8

Remember, this is an early prototype head profiled with my setup so it’s just one small snippet of how it sounds. Download include various cabs.

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