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Prototype “JAMES” – unique hand made boutique amp profiles. ENJOY

December 5, 2017    

This head was hand made by my friend over at Tube Distinctions​ . Anthony (proprietor of TD) is a legitimate Welsh Wizard. He is highly regarded and is used by some big top names whom you wouldn’t believe if I told you. Anthony was gracious enough to let me borrow one of his old prototype heads for profiling. So , about this Amp … it can be considered to sound similar to an…    read more 

Introducing Kemper One-Of-A-Kind profiles (Kemper OOAK)

July 5, 2017    

I’m happy to announce the inclusion of a new unique method to Kemper profiling that I’ve dubbed ‘Kemper OOAK‘. These one-of-a-kind are 100% exclusive to the first buyer meaning that they won’t be featured in any pack and can be rightfully claimed as your own. Once the profile has been purchased it’s gone forever never to be sold again. Whilst it’s sold as a ‘single’ profile I’ve included them in all three…    read more 

Have Guitar demos our Bogner Uberschall Twin Jet (Video inside)

July 2, 2017    

Somewhere deep within the realms of Sweden layeths a man called Magnus whom dedicates a great portion of his time to demoing Kemper Profiles. In this weeks edition he has kindly showcased our awesome Bogner Uberschall Kemper Profiles. The video consists of Magnus himself playing the profiles through various guitars to reflect the potential of the pack and I must say It’s a good quality video worth checking out, so hit play…    read more 

MentaL OD – Our custom Overdrive / Screamer pedal (Free profiles inside).

June 7, 2017    

A while ago I commissioned a custom made overdrive/screamer to my specifics. I was wanting a bit more control over the entire tone coming through and what transpired is a rather big and unique pedal that offers a lot of tonal options. Created for myself by Deiode the MentaL OD will be featured in the ReampZone packs where it feels appropriate. It can turn turn even the most modest of tones into a high gain…    read more 

Keeping you safe – we have switched to a secure connection.

March 15, 2017    

ReampZone is expanding rapidly and to keep customer data safe and secure we have migrated to a secure connection. What this means is the old traditional URL of http://reamp… now goes to https://reamp and you’ll notice in the top left of the address  bar a fantastic secure lock showing all data to and from yourself -> ReampZone is now secure. Shop with confidence, use ReampZone. Thanks – Dan



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