Bullet For My Valentine – Scream Aim Fire DI

October 17, 2015| ReampZone

Any love for Welsh metal on ReampZone? Yes… We are kind to you aren’t we 🙂 this time we bring you Bullet For My Valentine – Scream Aim Fire featuring Real Vocals by Matthew Tuck. The Di’s include;

  • – Midi Drums
  • – Bass DI
  • – Quad Tracked Rhythm Guitars
  • – Dual Overlay Guitar
  • – Solo
  • – Solo Harmony
  • – Real Vocals ( Matthew Tuck )


Tempos and additional information are in the download archive ,  to download click HERE.  (Update: 18/10/2015; fixed a volume issue on the right guitar + missing bass bar fix).


(here is a quick mix)

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