Lamb of God – 11th Hour tracks for you to mix!

February 24, 2015| ReampZone

My buddy finished recording these for his channel on Youtube here. He hasn’t uploaded them yet so I guess you’re getting them before he releases them (with his permission). The guitars are fairly tight but have no post processing or cleaning up on them so have fun with them.

What’s included?

– Drums
– Bass
– Guitar Left/Right

The tempos are set in the drum midi and use several different time signatures for some odd reason. Recording this wasn’t that easy and some parts COULD be tighter but ultimately it’s still good to go. Also, upon my friends request, if you use these DI’s for promotional material he would like a link to his youtube channel here and mentioning recorded by “Unborn MentaL”. PS , tuning is drop D (flats) as opposed to standard drop d.

Download: https://reampzone.com/downloads/11thhour.rar

What you waiting for? Happy reamping!

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