Slipknot – Before I forget DI

August 19, 2015| ReampZone

I really hope you guys enjoy and use these as a lot of time and effort was put into them. I tracked all of this and wasn’t happy and redone a lot of it by ear, all the tabs online are wrong so we used the official multitrack as reference. The guitars are quad tracked as usual but since the official recording is dual some parts will sound wider and fuller in comparison to the official song.

You may not have known this but the song has many tempo changes and recording the song in one flat tempo just didn’t work, once again, using the multitrack as reference we are able to simulate the song as is played by the band. One part is not exact to how the song is since Mick uses an effects pedal so we simulated it naturally via a harmonic and another harmonic and wide vibrato. Feel free to use any post processing effects to simulate it further.

Di’s Include;

– Drum Midis (Import with all midi info)
– Bass DI
– Quad Tracked Guitars
– Keys taken from multitrack (make sure they are not loud!)
– Midi Keyboard since the multitrack ones for the breakdown.
– Vocals taken from multitrack and has some issues , mainly being overlaid effects on the outro and possibly some timing issues since I had to manually adjust every vocal part, a time-consuming process. (To help with the mixing i’ve separated the vocal tracks to 4).

That being said, download now!

Update:  21/08/2015 (Here is a quick mix of the full song we have done).

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