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Lacuna Coil – Our Truth Di’s for you :)

July 28, 2015|

Another release from ReampZone! This time we are bringing the Italian metal band Lacuna Coil. The download includes the following; – Drums – Official vocals (including background sounds) – Quad Tracked Rhythms – Cleans – Bass Ready? Download here. Enjoy. (Update; Live drums played with our DI’s)

Evanescence – Everybody’s Fool DI’s

July 27, 2015|

We have a lovely Monday gift for everyone , Evanescence – Everybody’s Fool DI / Multitrack for you to play and reamp with.  The download includes the following; – Drum Midi (BPM 95) – Synth Intro – Piano Midi – Clean Guitar – Bass – Quad Tracked Rhythms – Official mastered vocals! Demo: Download: HERE. ReampZone

Linkin Park – One Step Closer DI’s

July 21, 2015|

With the recent passing off Chester let us take a moment to appreciate what he brought to the world as a singer and as a person. I recorded these DI’s back in 2015 , as an avid fan of Linkin Park in my youth I still consider Hybrid Theory one of the best albums I’ve ever heard , period. Download: Included within the download ; – Quad Tracked Guiars – Bass Guitar – Drum Midi (BPM In Notes) – Official Vocals and Synth Effects included. May he rest in peace.  

Nirvana – In Bloom DI for your mixing pleasure.

July 21, 2015|

Hi Another release from ReampZone, this time we feature Nirvana – In Bloom. This is my personal favourite song by Nirvana and probably one of their more heavier ones in terms of tone. The DI contains four quad tracked guitars, one clean, a solo, bass , official vocals and a drum midi. Enjoy. Download.

A whole bunch of guitar Di’s for you! Slipknot, Green Day and Muse

July 17, 2015|

Hi We are happy to release our custom made Di’s for the following bands and songs; Slipknot – Left Behind – Download – Includes Guitars, Bass, Drums midi and Vocals by Corey. (Quad Tracked) Green Day – Basket Case – Download – Includes Guitars, Bass, Drum midi and Vocals by Billy. (Quad Tracked) Muse – Plug in Baby – Download – Includes Guitars, Bass , Drum midi and Vocals by Matt. (Dual Tracked) And remember, ReampZone is your number 1 cheap and affordable Reamping service.



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