Reamping Payment Confirmation

Hello, thank you choosing ReampZone for your reamping needs. Below you’ll find our requirements for sending your DI’s plus a receipt of your purchase.

  • Export your dry unprocessed tracks using wave 24bit / 44.1khz.
  • Compress / Archive and upload your dry tracks to one of the following recommended file sharing services: WeTransfer / DropBox or Mega.
  • Choose an amp that you’ll want your track to be reamped with or if you purchased the album reamping option then provide a choice of three reamps to find a suitable tone. (Example; Krank REV 1 with our custom David Laboga cabinet and an SM57)
  • Tone references for us to find a ballpark sound that you’re after – include Youtube videos or specificy high / low gain or anything to help us cater to your needs.
  • Tell us if you want your bass reamped through the guitar amp for dual bass mixing.

Once you have noted all this information and are ready to contact us then please use this contact form here or email us at (admin @ reampzone . com).

Bass is also included in our reamping service upon request. The latest trend in mixing metal bass includes dual bass tracking. One track will be the DI and used for the low-end (cutting all mids) whilst the other will be reamped through the primary guitar amplifier and cuts all highs and lows so only the mids / distortion remain. If you want us to do this, then please let us know. A good example of this is here.

Sorry, trouble retrieving payment receipt.