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Keeping you safe – we have switched to a secure connection.

March 15, 2017    

ReampZone is expanding rapidly and to keep customer data safe and secure we have migrated to a secure connection. What this means is the old traditional URL of http://reamp… now goes to https://reamp and you’ll notice in the top left of the address  bar a fantastic secure lock showing all data to and from yourself -> ReampZone is now secure. Shop with confidence, use ReampZone. Thanks – Dan

Earn with RZ – Point and Reward system now live!

March 15, 2017    

Attention all customers – I’ve setup a point and reward system to all Kemper profile orders that i’m sure you’ll enjoy. For each $1 you spend you’ll be given 1 point. 10 points translates a single dollar which can then be redeemed at the checkout for future discounts. A simple explination…. Spend $20 and earn 20 points 20 points equals $2 discount that can be applied to a future purchase The more…    read more 

ReampZone Wallpaper – Download Today

January 29, 2017    

Wanting to show support for ReampZone then why not try the official 1080p wallpaper (1920×1080). It’ll make your desktop look fantastic whilst representing all that is RZ. Click the image below to be taken to the full size image. Thanks, Dan.

Dumble ODS 50 HRM Kemper Profiles – a must have pack!

January 13, 2017    

Dumble is a name synonymous with boutique guitar amplifiers because of its crazy price and tone but I was fortunate enough to borrow a high quality clone a few weeks prior and did some extensive profiling of it. Whilst it’s not metal nor does it djent what it does is give you that crisp clean and over-driven sound that people pay upwards of $70,000 for. Call me crazy but I wouldn’t pay…    read more 

The official ReampZone T-Shirt is now on Sale!

December 4, 2016    

Christmas is around the corner and it’s the perfect time to treat yourself. Whether you’re wanting to impress your friends or just to support ReampZone now is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your wardrobe.  Coming in two versions the primary focus of this design is apparent. But how does it look? Pretty awesome I would say. Having commissioned a 100% unique design it’s clear that this is a t-shirt not for the weak…    read more 



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