Free Kemper Profiles


If you haven’t already bought our profiles then check out our free demo packs listed in the descriptions of Kemper Store page for that amp. It can be hard to part with your money but we are so confident in our profiles that we are including free samples ready to load onto your Kemper Profiling Amp. Each free profile is designed to showcase each amps individual channel, whether it’s boosted or unboosted you’re surely to get an idea of what is in store.

Each pack has many configurations and placements to never limit you in your studio work. We offer many cabinets for you to chose from so you’re always going to find something that’ll suit any project you’re working on. Unlike some profilers who use impulses from RedWirez, our profiles are 100% authentic with real cabinets and real microphones. You won’t find us using impulses to trick you, just real cabinets miced up the traditional way. So if you havn’t already checked out our free kemper profiles then visit our Store select and amp and download the free packs from the description.

Our profiling session featuring the Hughes and Kettner trilogy

Our profiling session featuring the Hughes and Kettner trilogy


 If you have any questions or concerns then please email us at our contact page located here.