A while ago I commissioned a custom made overdrive/screamer to my specifics. I was wanting a bit more control over the entire tone coming through and what transpired is a rather big and unique pedal that offers a lot of tonal options. Created for myself by Deiode the MentaL OD will be featured in the ReampZone packs where it feels appropriate. It can turn turn even the most modest of tones into a high gain juggernaut. You’ll find a quick sound sample below made with my Engl Savage / Orange cab with an SM57 – first part is with the OD off and second is with it on and then dual panned.. Whilst this is just one aspect of the sounds that can be achieved. Want to try it yourself with your Kemper? Click here and download now! T01 is unboosted and T02 is with the MentaL OD enabled. Thanks Dan #Update (Full…    read more