Monthly Archives: March 2017

Keeping you safe – we have switched to a secure connection.

March 15, 2017|

ReampZone is expanding rapidly and to keep customer data safe and secure we have migrated to a secure connection. What this means is the old traditional URL of http://reamp… now goes to https://reamp and you’ll notice in the top left of the address  bar a fantastic secure lock showing all data to and from yourself -> ReampZone is now secure. Shop with confidence, use ReampZone. Thanks – Dan

Earn with RZ – Point and Reward system now live!

March 15, 2017|

Attention all customers – I’ve setup a point and reward system to all Kemper profile orders that i’m sure you’ll enjoy. For each $1 you spend you’ll be given 1 point. 10 points translates a single dollar which can then be redeemed at the checkout for future discounts. A simple explination…. Spend $20 and earn 20 points 20 points equals $2 discount that can be applied to a future purchase The more you spend the more you save and any discount codes we provide can also be coupled with this point system also. Thanks. Dan.



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